This is a small selection of e-learning projects I was involved in over the last decade.

I worked five years for the award winning portal It provides practical information and help for the use of digital media when teaching in higher education. My role was to develop the technical platform of the portal (integration of web 2.0 services, communiy functions), write articles in all sections, running online trainings and the participatory design of new features and content types.

moowinx is an authoring tool for end-users. It allows the creation of interactive graphics without programming. Interactive behaviour can be defined using a visual language. The editings is done in a WYSIWYG editor. The tool has been implemented in Java. I designed the core architecture and supervised students who added plug-ins to the tool.

Educational templates
In my last role I was working with publishers, content and software developers to create educational templates, widgets and digital learning materials.

Creativity tools

How can interactive whiteboards, mobile devices, widgets and apps foster our creative thinking and stimulate new ideas? Classic methods, such as six thinking hats, can easily be mapped to digital apps, triggering thoughts of the user.